Book Club Guide

Below are some talking points for book clubs when discussing Wet Desert or The Second Revolution:


The Second Revolution

1. The Second Revolution is told from the perspective of a regular guy way down in the ranks. Did you like that, or would you rather read about someone in charge?

2. A revolution, as described in this novel, should be a last resort, after diplomacy has failed. How bad would things need to get to warrant it? How far away are we now?

3. Did this novel change your views on gun control? How so? Should Assault Weapons be legal? How about full-automatic rifles like the M16?

4. Do you believe the founding fathers wanted an armed citizenry in order to overthrow an evil government if necessary? If so, do we still need it today? If so, is the population over or under armed?

5. Aside from impeachment, what other things should be done to reign in an overreaching government? Term limits? Elimination of retirement plans?

6. Americans have overwhelmingly wanted Term Limits for years, yet our elected officials will not adopt them. What can be done?

7. If the government went door to door confiscating guns, would the death counts and chaos be greater or less than described in the novel?

8. One of the issues behind The Second Revolution is the "tipping point", ie: how bad would things need to get before Americans revolted. How far are we from the "tipping point" today?

9. One of the primary characters was a preacher, and there were a few religious tones in the book. Liked? Didn't like?

10. The preacher talked about the Constitution being inspired of God. Do you believe that?

11. Many Americans think the 2nd Amendment should be eliminated, or only applies to hunting, or self-defense. Few think the 2nd Amendment is for fighting against our own government. How do you interpret it? Does it need to be changed, or clarified?

12. The book talks about how many people don't think, they just do what they are told. Is that a problem? Did you resent the author drawing parallels to Nazi Germany on this topic? Do we have too many sheep in America?

13. If things got bad enough to warrant a Second Revolution, would Americans have the guts to fight? Would you?


Wet Desert

1. WET DESERT is told from the perspective of a mid-level manager frustrated with the bureaucracies of his organization. Do you like seeing the story from this perspective? Do you know any one who has the same frustrations due to his employment or superiors?

2. Do you think it is morally correct to build dams that drown canyons such as the Glen Canyon as described in WET DESERT?

3. The environmentalist's initial quest was to restore the Colorado River Delta. Do you agree with his motives? Do you agree with his tactics?

4. Life on a houseboat on Lake Powell is described from the perspective of Julie Crawford. If you have been to Lake Powell, did the author describe it realistically? If you have not been to Lake Powell, did it make you want to go?

5. If you have been river rafting, how realistic are the rafting scenes? Does the story make you want to raft the Grand Canyon?

6. Has this novel changed you ideas about building dams, environmentalism, or issues that environmentalists fight for?

7. Were you aware before this book that the Colorado River does not actually reach the Gulf of California? If not, how does that make you feel?

8. What do you think the authors views are regarding the dams on the Colorado River? What are your views?

9. The Glen Canyon Institute mentioned in the book is a real environmental group dedicated to decommissioning the Glen Canyon Dam. Do you agree with their quest? Should Lake Powell be drained?

10. How do you feel about books on terrorism in light of Sept 11th?

11. This novel covers many spectacular sites like Lake Powell, Lake mead, The Grand Canyon, Lake Havasu, and others. Have you visited any of these locations? Was there a specific site that interested you? Are there any sites you want to visit now that you have read Wet Desert?

12. This novel categorized different levels of environmentalism from fanatic to regular citizens who like to recycle and conserve. Do you consider yourself an environmentalist? If so, what category would you place yourself in?

13. In this novel the Republicans actually take steps to help the environment. How fictional do you think that is? Do you wish Republicans would be more environmental?

14. WET DESERT takes place over three days. In your opinion, would the FBI be able to solve the crime and apprehend the bomber within that time period, or would it take them longer to solve the crime?

15. How vulnerable do you think our dams are to acts of terrorism as described in this novel?

16. The environmental antagonist in this novel is willing to kill for the purpose of helping the environment. We read every day about radical environmentalists who are committing crimes to stop development. How big of a step is it for environmentalists to take it to the next level as described in this novel?

17. How would you like to see the Hoover Dam spillways running at full capacity as described in this novel?


Other Questions

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